The outdoors has always fascinated me. The seasons, the weather, and the time of day all create different viewing experiences. (photo by John Davis)

About - Gregory E. Larson AWARD-WINNING ARTIST**

I am a retired architect with a passion for watercolor painting. Although I learned to paint with watercolors in high school and college, I didn’t begin to paint again until 2017. I paint for the joy of it, and try to immerse myself into the subject matter. My focus is on landscapes, particularly ones that include some man-made objects (windmills, churches, bridges, etc.). One of my primary goals is to provide depth to the painting, and invite the viewer into the picture.

Extensive travel in Europe and the North America has allowed me to gather an unlimited number of photographs to use as subject matter for my paintings. I love to select something to paint from my photos, and have learned that there is so much more detail in a photograph than what one first sees.

Watercolor painting is not an exact science, and it is always exciting to see what the brushes create on the paper. The paintings that survived to be framed have become good friends. Many others have misbehaved and are not on the final list.

I’ve always said that there is a story behind each painting. In the online gallery, I share some of those stories as well as comments about the challenges and interest in painting a specific view.

I hope you enjoy looking in the gallery. My biggest hope is that I have passed on some of the joy I had in painting each image.

Gregory E. Larson